Rediscovery: MAC Velvet Teddy Review



I’ve been so about matte liquid lipsticks and lip creams lately that I’ve totally forgotten about all the actual lipsticks I own. With brands launching liquid lip products so often these days I hardly reach for the real deal however, the other day I grabbed an old favourite and I that’s when I fell back in love… 




MAC Velvet Teddy has always been my go-to and is actually the only MAC lipstick I’ve ever repurchased as I haven’t used up my other shades. It’s also the lipstick that converted me to a matte lipstick lover in the first place. (I would say Ruby Woo did but its drying effect put me off). Anyway, this beauty in a bullet is one of the best lipsticks I’ve tried, from the colour to the payoff to the wear time.

I don’t really know how to describe the colour of this lipstick, some would say brown, some mauve, some pink. As you can see in the swatches the colour varies greatly depending on skin tone. The inside of my wrist is lighter than my hand and you can see the difference in colour is noticably different. My friend and I were both wearing this colour, she’s Caucasian by the way, and I didn’t even know she was wearing it until she said so. I thought it was a whole different colour lol. I’d say on lighter skintones it provides that Kylie Jenner lip everyone loves (tbh Kylie Jenner helped to make this colour so well known). On darker skintones however such as mine, it is a muted nude pink.

In terms of wear time, this stays on pretty well, about 3-4 hours without eating or drinking. I don’t find touching it up to be a problem but when I wear a gloss over it, I would say the longevity decreases which is expected. Also, the name definitely describes the feeling it has on the lips. My lips have a velvety feel and do not feel dried out. Triple points!

I know I’ll still lean towards my liquid lipsticks/stains/creams because they’re just so much easier but out of all my lipsticks this colour will continue to be my favourite for a long while.

Velvet Teddy retails for £15.50 at MAC.

Do you own Velvet Teddy or anything similar?

Pam x

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