Coconut Oil Uses

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I’m sure you’ve seen memes all over Instagram about pouring Coconut oil over your entire life, your ex, bank account etc lol. I can’t disagree with the fact there has been so much hype over this one oil, it even made me a bit skeptical at first. However, I realised the Coconut hype is for a reason and it is good for quite a number of things you may or may not be aware of.

I won’t go into all the numerous uses and benefits of this oil as if you search it in Google, you’ll find soooooo many articles. I’ll just go into what I find it useful for…


Skin Moisturizer/Treatment – This oil is great as a moisturizer on dry skin or problem skin. I had the most annoying rash on my arm that literally would not go and after using coconut oil on it morning and night for about a month it faded tremendously. Apparently this oil is good for those with eczema/psoriasis so if you have any of the two it’s worth a try.

Makeup Brush & Sponge Cleaner – Omg what would I do without this. This is the BEST when it comes to removing makeup from your tools. Oil breaks down makeup so well and it’s even better that Coconut oil is antibacterial. I mix this with my antibacterial wash from Simple and all the gunk just washes away. This is the best method for sponges too because they stain so easily but mine are good as new after using this mixture!

Eye Makeup Remover – Sometimes my eye makeup and especially my mascara is just stubborn and does not want to come off so I turn to this. I rub a bit around my eyes and on my lashes then use my face wipes  to gently rub it off. It works well and is really good for hydrating the eye area.

Shaving Oil – I layer this on before I shave my legs or underarms and it gives me the smoothest results. I’m so used to it now I can’t shave without using it. It’s so good at preventing razor bumps too! Winning!

Sealer – When it comes to ethnic hair care, moisturizing and sealing plays a big role in reducing breakage so I always turn to this or my trusty Olive oil as a sealer. It does a good job at locking in moisture, reducing frizz and keeping your ends healthy.

Cuticle Oil – Okay I’ll admit I don’t use this method often as I always forget but when I do remember, I rub this into my cuticles and nails before bed. It helps to strengthen them a lot.

Oil Pulling – I’m sure you all know about this infamous method for whitening the teeth and removing bad toxins from the mouth. I hardly do it often as swishing oil in my mouth for 20 minutes is so tiring. It still counts as a use though right? I’ve only done it twice actually as I’m still trying to force myself to do it again; I did see slight results though.

That’s what I use mine for guys! I know there are so many more ways to use it, I even know people that said it healed their acne. The brand I buy is from Holland & Barrett, it’s not the cheapest but it lasts a long time. Also, it’s 100% Raw Virgin which is one of the best to use as it is unrefined, free from chemicals and contains a lot of the Coconut benefits. I’m defo in love with the Coco 😉

If you use Coconut oil, what do you use it for? and if you don’t, you better start!

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